Combined Technologies Group Introduces the NordiCon Portable DVD
Cost to consumers is less than half of factory-installed systems

DETROIT, Michigan (July 26, 2004) Portable DVD systems that include a display screen and player together in one compact unit are selling like hotcakes in Europe. Combined Technologies Group, a developer of mobile computing and entertainment products for the automotive market, is giving North American consumers the same benefits and more with the introduction of the NordiCon Portable DVD.

The NordiCon Portable DVD is sold only through new car dealers, according to Peder Blohm, Chief Marketing Officer of Combined Technologies Group.
“We’ve created an outstanding new profit center for dealers while giving consumers more value at less than half the cost of factory-installed systems,” said Blohm.

The typical backseat question of “Are we there yet?” will become a thing of the past. The NordiCon Portable DVD is easily installed and can be just as easily moved to another car, hotel room, or carried along outdoors—whatever your lifestyle.

Each slim line unit comes with a custom designed automotive mount and is fully loaded with accessories including two stereo headphones, power cables, extra rechargeable battery, temporary mount, carrying case and more.

The flexibility of the NordiCon Portable DVD and its unique mounting solution offer car dealers can offer it on any line of new or used vehicles.

About Combined Technologies Group
Combined Technologies Group, LLC is a developer of flexible GPS navigation and entertainment systems sold primarily through the new car dealer market in North America. The company also develops environmental management systems for automotive manufacturers and related industries to improve regulatory and management controls and to decrease business risk. Combined Technologies Group is also known for the design and development of Windows Mobile™ and Tablet PC applications. For more information, visit

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