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Combined Technologies Group Names Seven Regional Directors
Company reaches out to new car dealer market

DETROIT, Michigan (July 12, 2004) Combined Technologies Group, a developer of mobile computing and entertainment products for the automotive market, has named seven regional directors to manage sales to new car dealers nationwide.

“We’ve added people who are uniquely qualified and experienced to manage and develop the sales and distribution of our products to new car dealers,” said Peder Blohm, Chief Marketing Officer of Combined Technologies Group.

The regional directors for North America are Jo Lynne Abdallah, Northeast; Craig W. Heyl, North Central; Michael Britton, Southeast; Timothy Norrell, South Central; Carlton Matson, Upper Midwest; Michael Whetstone, Central; and G. Garrett Garland, Western.

“Our regional directors are well into the process of signing up independent sales reps and agents who will in turn work directly with the dealers in their territories,” added Blohm.

The company’s products include GPS navigation and portable DVD systems, which are packaged under the NordiCon brand. They are specially designed to give customers—new car dealers—a strategic competitive advantage through new profit centers. The NordiCon systems also offer consumers significant savings compared with factory-installed systems.

Combined Technologies Group is also the exclusive American distributor of Brodit products, Swedish manufactured custom mounting solutions for vehicle interiors, to the automotive industry.

“Our goal is to successfully integrate the highest quality technical and non-technical components to develop products that give consumers an easy and pleasant user experience,” said Ron Stephens, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Combined Technologies Group, LLC is a developer of flexible GPS navigation and entertainment systems sold primarily through the new car dealer market in North America. The company also develops environmental management systems for automotive manufacturers and related industries to improve regulatory and management controls and to decrease business risk. Combined Technologies Group is also known for the design and development of Windows Mobile™ and Tablet PC applications. For more information, visit www.combinedtechnologiesgroup.com.

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